Raise Your Voice for Healthy School Food

A troubling new proposal from the Trump Administration aims to weaken school food standards and open the floodgates for less healthful options to be served across school cafeterias.

Please join Healthy Schools Campaign in standing up for student health!

Providing healthy food in schools is so important. Research shows that improved nutrition in schools leads to increased focus and attention, improved test scores and better classroom behavior. Access to healthy food in schools is especially important for students from underinvested communities, the majority of whom are students of color, where healthy foods may not be widely available.

After decades of serving unhealthy meals that contributed to the obesity crisis, school food nutrition standards were finally in line with US dietary guidelines and schools were starting to see positive changes and student acceptance of the more healthy foods. The Trump Administration wants to roll back that progress.

While this is a rule proposed by the USDA and does not require approval by Congress, Senators and Representatives can and should raise their voices and apply pressure to the administration to drop the proposal so schools and districts can continue making positive changes and serve healthy school food.

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