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We provide guides for advocating for effective policy changes as well as practical tools for incorporating health and wellness into schools. Browse through our resources or select an audience to see curated resources.

School Nurse Leadership Webinar: Tackling Absenteeism

This webinar features two school nurse leaders who share their strategies for tackling chronic absenteeism.

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A Guide for Incorporating Health and Wellness into School Improvement Plans

This document from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors provides a guide for addressing the needs of the whole child through school improvement plans. Alex Mays, HSC’s Senior National Program Director, served as an adviser on the project.

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Lista de Verificación: Lo que Puede Hacer Para Mejorar la Comida de su Escuela

Esta lista de verificación incluye elementos que CPS se ha comprometido a incluir así como ideas y estrategias para ayudar a crear un ambiente escolar que apoye al programa de alimentación escolar y los esfuerzos de los estudiantes por comer sanamente.

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Preguntas Frecuentes: El Programa de Alimentación Escolar de las Escuelas Públicas de Chicago

Este documento abordará las preguntas más frecuentes sobre el programa de alimentación escolar de los padres como usted. ¿Quiere saber cómo CPS está reduciendo los …

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Frequently Asked Questions: Chicago Public Schools’ School Meal Program

This document will address frequently asked questions about the school meal program from parents just like you. Want to know how CPS is reducing processed …

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Principal Toolkit: Getting the Most out of the CPS School Meal Program

Because principals and schools play such an important role in providing students with healthy food and educating them on healthy behaviors, we created this toolkit in partnership with Chicago Public Schools to give you a guide to making sure the school meal program is working as best as it can for your students.

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Parent Checklist: What You Can Do to Improve Your School’s Food

This checklist includes items that CPS is committed to implementing as well as ideas and strategies to help create a school environment that is supportive …

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The Movement Movement

A Strategic Plan to Strengthen Physical Education in Chicago Public Schools. Healthy Schools Campaign contributed to the production of this plan.

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Healthy Celebration Sample Letter

A sample letter of communicating a healthy celebration to parents, guardians and staff. In an editable Microsoft Word template. …

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Healthy Fundraising Sample Letter

A sample letter of communicating a healthy fundraiser to parents, guardians and staff. In an editable Microsoft Word template. …

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Español Healthy Fundraising Letter


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Health in Mind: Improving Education through Wellness

Research documents what educators know: healthy students are better prepared to learn and succeed in school. Yet current health and education policy misses several simple, vital opportunities to …

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