Integrating Health and Wellness into a School Improvement Plan

November 29, 2017

Chicago Principals play a key role in improving student health and boosting student achievement! And effective way to do that is by integrating health and wellness into your school’s Continuous Improvement Work Plan. School improvement plans provide a systematic opportunity to address the needs of the whole child by incorporating physical, social, emotional and/or behavioral health priorities into schools.

The link between health and learning is clear: Healthy, active and well-nourished children are more likely to attend school, be ready to learn and stay engaged in class. Schools play an important role in supporting student health and wellness.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn tips for engaging in an authentic school improvement planning process that involves a variety of stakeholders
  • Discover practical ways you can integrate student health and wellness in your school improvement plan
  • Learn about resources, including those issued by the CPS OSHW and Healthy Schools Campaign
  • Hear from a fellow CPS principal about how improving access to healthy foods and physical activity have influenced the health of students and improved academic achievement

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