Resources for Teachers

Teachers have a tremendous opportunity to instill healthy habits through teaching and behavior modeling. Through our Fit to Learn program, we offer lesson plans and tip sheets for incorporating health and wellness into the school day. Delicious Nutritious Adventures, the newest addition to our portfolio, offers dynamic curricula that introduce students to healthy foods and help build lifelong adventurous and healthy eaters.

Delicious Nutritious Adventures

Delicious Nutritious Aventures (DNA) is a dynamic set of classroom curricula that was developed and implemented in Chicago classrooms by the nonprofit Purple Asparagus. DNA is now available from Healthy Schools Campaign as a free resource for teachers across the country. DNA has shown incredible results – one study of the Chicago program showed that after participating in Delicious Nutritious Adventures, 76% of students ate more fruits and 67% ate more vegetables!

Fruit or Not Lesson Cover

Fit to Learn Health + Wellness Lesson Plans

Fit to Learn is an innovative professional development program for educators. These lesson plans, which cover topics from physical activity to nutrition and cooking and are connected to key learning goals, provide practical methods for making health and wellness a regular part of the school experience.

Tip Sheets for Incorporating Health + Wellness into the Classroom