Anayency Elizondo

Program Event Manager

About Anayency

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Education: Studying Psychology


I love to ride my bike, especially when I get to do it in nature. I like to ride my bicycle in the forest preserve bike paths and trails. I like being physically active, and enjoy doing things that keep me moving like yoga, walking my dog, and playing with my niece and nephews.

I also enjoy reading, art, theater and attending cultural events.

Who are you?

As the Program Event Manager at HSC, I coordinate events and training for our Chicago programs. I work primarily with our Parent United and Space to Grow program and get to work with a great group of people dedicated to promoting health and wellness in schools.

What makes your job great?

I enjoy collaborating with others, and I get to do a lot of that here. I love to work and learn from our Chicago communities, parents, partners and colleagues. I also get the satisfaction of knowing I’m contributing to something good.

Why did you join HSC?

I was first introduced to HSC as a volunteer through a partner organization. For a few weeks, I worked as support staff for HSC’s annual benefit event. At the time I didn’t know much about the organization or its mission, but it seemed like an interesting organization. After the event, I was given the opportunity to join the team, and became passionate about the work.

When did you come to HSC?

I started in 2007. Before this, I worked with my dad’s construction company. I helped my dad manage the company while they were out in the field running jobs.

Where does your motivation come from?

The work that we do is important for all of Chicago Children. As a former CPS student and as an aunt, I like to contribute to the change Healthy Schools Campaign is making in schools. Looking back at the work we have done and the changes that have been made in schools is rewarding.