Jessie Mandle

National Program Director

About Jessie

Hometown: I call Salt Lake City, Utah home. But I have lived all over including the San Francisco Bay Area, Connecticut, Oregon, and South Africa.

Education: BA, Government, Wesleyan University | MPH, Oregon Masters of Public Health

Hobbies: I have two young kids, so they keep me pretty busy. We like to experiment with new baking recipes (sometimes they turn out!) and have kitchen dance parties together. Utah is an incredibly beautiful place, so I also love to get outside to hike, run, or paddleboard.

Who are you?

I am the National Program Director, where I oversee HSC’s work to expand comprehensive and coordinated school health services, with a primary focus on school Medicaid policies and programs.

What makes your job great?

I am so thrilled to join the team at HSC, and work alongside amazing people making schools healthier places for all kids. I get to work with educators, school health champions, partners and advocates across the nation. I am passionate about strengthening the important role Medicaid plays for kids and families too.

When did you come to Healthy Schools Campaign?

I am new to Healthy Schools Campaign! I recently started in October 2022.

Why did you join Healthy Schools Campaign?

I am honored to continue HSC’s leadership strengthening national School Medicaid programs and policies, and expanding access to school health services for all kids. Previously, I oversaw health policy at a child advocacy organization in Utah. I worked on campaigns to ensure all children, regardless of their background or immigration status, had access to health insurance and services to stay healthy and learn. I saw the critically important way that schools and Medicaid work together to help kids get covered, access care and learn.

Where does your motivation come from?

Through my work, and as a parent, I have seen firsthand how schools can be powerful places to advance health, equity and connection for kids, families and communities. I want to do everything I can to help all kids have access to the health care and healthy schools they need to thrive!