Maren Fuller

Communications Manager

About Maren

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Education: B.J., Strategic Communication, University of Missouri – Columbia

Hobbies: I love, love, love to write. I am a screenwriter, songwriter and published poet. I am also a horror movie buff, so I enjoy watching horror films and doing movie breakdowns. Being from the south side of Chicago, I love to watch all Chicago sports. I’m a fan of the Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Sky.

Who are you? 

I’m Healthy School Campaign’s Communications Manager. I use storytelling to promote all the wonderful and impactful programs HSC has to offer.

What makes your job great

The social and educational impact of what I do and the fact that my storytelling allows me to serve both my community and communities I’ve never even seen before.

When did you come to Healthy Schools Campaign?

June 2024

Why did you join Healthy Schools Campaign?

I joined Healthy Schools Campaign because I believe in its vision. I wanted to use my resources, skills, ideas and creativity to aid HSC in making life healthier and easier for youth obtaining their education.

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation comes from being a Black woman from Chicago who experienced firsthand how hard it can be to learn while in an environment that lacks resources. I want to remove those obstacles for this generation and the generations to come.