Stephanie Palmisciano

Senior Administrative Manager

About Stephanie

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Education: BA, Public Relations and Sports Management, Ohio Northern University | MS, Integrated Marketing Communications, Loyola University Chicago

Hobbies: Since becoming a mom, my hobbies have definitely shifted! I love taking adventures and experiencing new things through the eyes of kids, it makes everything more exciting! Outside of the toddler variety of hobbies, I stay active with a dedicated volleyball group, spending Friday nights in the gym and summer days at the beach. I have run a couple of marathons and still enjoy hitting the pavement on occasion (though no more marathons in my immediate future!). You will still catch me cheering on my hometown Reds during baseball season. I’ve also adopted a few local teams and enjoy taking in a game with my husband, also a passionate sports fan. As a family, we like to try out new recipes and spend lots of hours in the kitchen. It’s fun to see my kids taking an interest and learning some basic skills! I’m a big reader, though I’ve transitioned away from books in favor of audiobooks. They make a great way to pass the time on my runs!

Who are you?

I am the Senior Administrative Manager at HSC. As part of the development team, I spend a lot of time managing the details of our many events including Cooking up Change and our annual luncheon. I also am part of our IT team and manage our database.

What makes your job great?

The work I do can be done almost anywhere. Planning and managing data is something every company needs to some degree. The great part about working at HSC is that those skills ultimately help to make a difference in my community. Health and wellness has always been something I was interested in. I grew up as an athlete with lots of opportunities to learn about being healthy and taking care of my body and when I stopped actively participating in organized sports, I still had to relearn what it meant to be healthy. Working for HSC has continued to broaden my definition of “healthy” and I consider myself lucky to be a part of an organization where I get to keep learning every day.

When did you come to Healthy Schools Campaign?

I started with HSC in October 2012. I came to the organization with experience in event planning, development and communications. While attending grad school, I worked for Mid-America Sports, an organization that consulted on charity and corporate golf and travel events. It was my work on charity events that led me to want to work in the non-profit sector. Prior to coming to HSC, I also worked as a Special Events Manager at Heartland Alliance and a Communication Coordinator at Charis Ministries.

Why did you join Healthy Schools Campaign?

I was at a job that I enjoyed but for a number of reasons, it wasn’t going to work long term. I started looking for something new but was trying to limit it to positions I’d really see a future with. When I saw the opening at HSC I was excited because it aligned so well with my personal values. The more I got to know the organization and the people the more I knew it would be a great fit. It’s an environment where you constantly get to grow and learn and you are always surrounded by passionate and dedicated people!

Where does your motivation come from?

I think the work that HSC does is really important. Knowing that the work you do directly impacts lives is very motivating. It is also inspiring to know that the work HSC is doing can create system-wide change. While we have the ability to inspire individual students, teachers, or parents to be healthier, HSC also works to create structure through policy and education that impacts entire schools, districts and communities. It is great to be a part of something so powerful.