The Healthy Schools Campaign Story

We work to ensure all students attend schools that support their health and wellness.

Our approach is strategic, clear and comprehensive: We engage, we advocate and we build.

Learn more about our effective model that’s ensuring students across the country can learn and thrive.

“The ultimate goal is that every student regardless of their race or economic background or their health condition has the opportunity to be in school, ready to learn and the opportunity to thrive.”
Rochelle Davis, President + CEO, Healthy Schools Campaign

Learn how we engage students to rewrite the recipe for school food.

“When I came back from D.C., I felt like a whole totally different person, and now I’m back and I feel like I can do anything.”
Marshawn Gibson, Cooking up Change student chef

Learn how we engage parents to make healthy changes in schools across Chicago.

“I don’t imagine that I have the power of communication, the power of leadership, because I never do that before. Parents United is helping me find my voice and helping me to see that I can do a lot of things.”
Karina Macedo, Parents United for Healthy Schools

Learn how we advocate for policies that support student health and wellness.

“You don’t often see organizations either able or willing to do that type of deep work at multiple levels of the system to have maximum impact.”
Joaquin Tamayo, former teacher, principal and federal policymaker, U.S. Department of Education

Learn how we build capacity for physical activity and recess in Chicago schools.

“[The students] actually have places to play that are safe, that keep them engaged and active, so that when they do come back to a classroom, they’re more focused because they’ve used that energy that they need to.”
Donna Calder, teacher, Wadsworth STEM Elementary, Space to Grow school

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