Apply for This Year’s Green Cleaning in Schools Award!

June 23, 2008 | Written By:

by Claris Olson, HSC Environmental Health Manager

If your school excels at green cleaning, get the recognition your staff and school community deserves!

For the second year in a row, HSC will join forces with American School & University magazine and the Green Cleaning Network to present an award honoring those who show dedication and innovation related to green cleaning methods and practices. Winners will be profiled in a special issue of American School & University magazine.

Steve Ashkin, author of HSC’s Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools, explains why recognition for these efforts is so important:

For those of us who have spent our careers in the facilities department, we often operate as though we are invisible.  We want the occupants of our buildings to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, safe, clean, high-performing and even inspiring building, and we want them to do so without giving thought as to what it took to achieve this. 

The downside of this is that we often go unrecognized for the efforts we expend on behalf of our occupants and guests.  One of the downsides of humbly working in the background is that it tends to limit our exposure to others, even in our own profession.  As a result, innovation and true leadership is often slow to be recognized.

Take advantage of this unique chance to spotlight your hard work. Applications are due by Sept. 12, 2008 – visit AS&U’s site for more information and an application.

For more on last year’s winners, click here.

P.S. Get your free copy of The Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools online at

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