Battling Bugs

July 24, 2009 | Written By:

By Mark Bishop, Deputy Director

I just wanted to share a little kudos for the current Illinois School
Nurse of the Year (and a great HSC supporter I may add) Donna Rehm.

Donna wrote a blog entry
about keeping our kids healthy whether they are at home or at school.
These are all items that have gotten great attention as we work our way
through the current H1N1 scare, but they are always worth repeating.
And of course, visit the link for more detail.

Wash your hands often: Especially before eating, after
using the restroom, and after playing outside…

Use facial tissues when you sneeze:The Center for Disease
Control encourages using facial tissues when you sneeze, cough or blow
your nose to minimize cold and flu viruses…

Get Plenty of Rest and Drink Water: I also encourage moms
and kids to get plenty of rest and drink adequate fluids – this is
effective in helping to boost your immune system.

Don’t come to school when sick: A local Kleenex
Anti-Viral survey revealed that 86 percent of moms agree that their
child has gotten sick at school due to their 'under the weather'
classmate. With this in mind, I ask moms to please keep kids home when
they’ve come down with the cold and flu – that way they are not
spreading bugs to others.

And for those in the Chicago area, the Lincoln Park Zoo has a flu exhibit where kids get to run around with huge flu bugs and learn about prevention.

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