Because Every Child Deserves Clean Air

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As 2012 comes to a close, we are taking a moment to reflect on HSC's work this year and on the reasons we believe this effort is so important. Thank you for being part of this movement!


When children and teachers step into school each morning, the air they breathe and the materials they’re exposed to have a direct impact on their health—that day and years in the future. Unhealthy indoor air, polluted from toxic chemicals or materials or even the school’s location, can exacerbate asthma and contribute to problems such as headaches and fatigue that detract from learning. Healthy Schools Campaign advocates for clean air and healthy environments in schools, because we believe all children and teachers should be able to breathe easy in buildings that truly support their health.



Learn more and get involved in supporting environmental health at schools! For practical tips and comprehensive resources on green cleaning, check out HSC’s Quick + Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools. To hear stories from advocates and school leaders who are making green schools a priority, visit the green cleaning or environment sections of HSC’s blog.



Give the gift of clean air. You have the power to make sure every child and teacher can go to school in a safe, healthy building with clean air. Your tax-deductible gift supports Healthy Schools Campaign’s ongoing advocacy for green cleaning, indoor air quality, and environmental health in schools. This brings great benefits not only for kids’ health, but for their learning as well. Make a gift »


Going Green for the Health of Students and Staff

Clean-air-smallWhen Bill Thompson noticed the custodians at Lockport Township High School feeling sick when they stripped the wax off a tile floor, he knew something had to change. “I saw firsthand that some of the products my custodians were using were obviously affecting their health in a negative way,” he said. “I decided it was my duty at least to investigate and see if there was a better way.” Thompson attended an HSC workshop and picked up a copy of our Quick + Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools. Armed with knowledge and resources from the guide, he set about making change. Three years later, he said, “I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that there is a better way.” Today, Thompson implements a full green cleaning program at Lockport Township High School. Since the green cleaning program began, the school has seen a noticeable drop in student absenteeism and Thompson has seen savings in his cleaning budget. “It’s a process,” he explained. “If you try to do a little bit every year, you can really make a difference.”


14-milStudents miss more than 14 million school days each year because of asthma, which is often exacerbated by poor indoor air quality.
(Trends in asthma morbidity and mortality. Washington (DC): American Lung Association; 2010.)


Clean-air-thanksAt Healthy Schools Campaign, we work to ensure that all children have access to school environments that support their health and learning.To learn more, visit us online or contact us. Next week, we will share more about our impact. Thank you for being part of the movement for healthy schools.

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