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As 2012 comes to a close, we are taking a moment to reflect on HSC's work this year and on the reasons we believe this effort is so important. Thank you for being part of this movement!


Physical activity boosts kids’ energy and can power them through a day of learning—and a lifetime of better health. Plus, jump rope, hula hoop, running and playing kick up the fun in a child’s school experience while bolstering imagination and social skills. For kids’ learning, for their health and for their love of play, Healthy Schools Campaign advocates for recess and physical activity at school.


Learn more and help make sure kids can run and play in your community! To hear stories from advocates, parents, teachers and principals who are bringing physical activity back into the school day, visit the exercise and recess section of HSC’s blog. For practical tips on boosting physical activity in school, download our tip sheet [pdf].


Give the gift of activity. You have the power to make sure every child has the chance to run and play. Your gift supports Healthy Schools Campaign’s ongoing advocacy for recess, physical education and opportunities for physical activity in the classroom. This brings great benefits not only for kids’ health, but for their learning as well.
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Parents-winHSC Impact: Parents Win Back Recess
In Chicago, for example, parents in HSC’s Parents United for Healthy Schools coalition gathered thousands of petitions, spoke at board meetings and contacted elected leaders in a strong show of support for bringing back recess. With HSC’s support, parents worked with specific principals to overcome barriers to recess and prove that it would be a success. When parents started working on this issue, only 6 percent of public elementary schools in Chicago offered recess. This year, recess returned to all elementary schools.


Stat  Physical activity breaks improve elementary school students’ ability to stay on task during academic work by 20 percent. (Mahar MT, Murphy SK, Rowe DA, et al. Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise, 38(12): 2086-94, 2006.)

Boy-runAt Healthy Schools Campaign, we work to ensure that all children have access to school environments that support their health and learning. To learn more or talk in detail about this effort, we invite you to contact us or visit In the weeks ahead, we will share more about our work for healthy school food and environmental health. Thank you for being part of the movement for healthy schools!

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