Congratulations to Chuck Ainsworth at PortionPac: Connecting School Food & Green Cleaning

July 22, 2009 | Written By:

At HSC, we work on a variety of initiatives to ensure healthier learning and working environments for students and teachers. But it's especially exciting when our initiatives intersect. Recently the School Nutrition Association (SNA) recognized Chuck Ainsworth of PortionPac (a sponsor of our Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools) for his work in improving school food service — and bringing green cleaning to school kitchens and cafeterias.

PortionPac, as a sponsor, helps make it possible for us to provide the Quick & Easy Guide to educational institutions around the country. SNA has been a great ally in our school food efforts. They are also a participating organization in our green guide and a strong advocate of green cleaning in school food service, an area of real significance for children's health.

In recognizing Chuck Ainsworth's remarkable contributions, the SNA says:

As an SNA member, Ainsworth has worked tirelessly to support school nutrition professionals… In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Ainsworth spearheaded efforts to help school nutrition professionals in devastated areas of Louisiana and Mississippi by assisting school districts in acquiring food service equipment.  Ainsworth has also taken a professional interest in ensuring school nutrition programs continue to provide safe and nutritious school meals.  … As a result of his efforts, over 10,000 school nutrition professionals have received ServSafe certification. More recently Ainsworth has helped provide leadership in transitioning school nutrition programs to ‘green cleaning’ solutions.

By connecting green cleaning and school food programs, Mr. Ainsworth has made a difference for children's health and set a shining example for leaders in both of these important fields. With great excitement, HSC congratulates Chuck Ainsworth of PortionPac as this year's recipient of the SNA's Individual Industry Member of the Year Award.

Learn more about the award at SNA's website.

For more about this connection, check out this excellent article [pdf] on green cleaning in food service from SNA’s magazine, School Nutrition; the story highlights both PortionPac and HSC.

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