Cooking up Change in Winston-Salem!

March 17, 2011 | Written By:

Hayden Cramer and Corrine Hertz

We are happy to announce the next winning team from Cooking up Change! The winners from the Winston-Salem local contest will join the lineup of teams that will travel to Washington D.C. in May to compete in the national Cooking up Change Healthy Cooking Contest finals!

Corrine Hertz, Hayden Cramer and Isaac Barham created the winning school lunch in the Winston-Salem contest. The teams were required to use fresh produce from their region, like sweet potatoes and apples, which  gave this team inspiration for their meal. Their winning dishes included a pulled chicken BBQ sandwich, baked sweet potato fries and a yogurt-fruit parfait.

“We wanted to keep southern culture in the mix,” said Hertz.

Jim Faggione was the dietitian who worked with all the teams to create their meal plans.

“The competition gave the students a unique perspective on just how difficult it is to create menus that meet the criteria for school lunches.  They all were intrigued as to how the process works and the factors involved in creating meals for all grade levels,” said Faggione.

And the students quickly learned how challenging that task really is.

“It was shocking to see the numbers of sodium and fat during our first trial run of analysis. Most children aren’t learning about positive nutrition as they should in and outside of school,” said Hertz. “It makes me happy that I can supply students with a delicious, fresh-produce lunch.”

As part of the first place prize, the students' winning dishes will be served in the Winston-Salem high schools during lunch.

In May, they will take their winning meal to Washington, D.C. to compete against the winning teams from other cities including Chicago, St. Lous, Jacksonville, and Denver with the hopes of winning the National Cooking up Change Healthy Cooking Contest.

Kudos to all of the Winston-Salem culinary students who participated in this Cooking up Change contest and good luck to the winning students as they prepare for Washington D.C.!

Plus! Check out local coverage of the contest in Winston-Salem!

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