Cooking up Change National Finals Today!

May 23, 2011 | Written By:

Today, six teams of high school culinary students are gathering in Washington, DC for the Cooking up Change national finals!

High school students from across the U.S. whisked, chopped and sautéed their way to the finals by winning a qualifying contest in their own city or online.

Five cities hosted local Cooking up Change qualifying contests: Chicago, Denver, Jacksonville, St. Louis, and Winston-Salem. Teams in other cities entered an online qualifying contest which challenged students to present their meal through photos and recipes. The winners of this online contest come from Washington, DC.

Now, we invite you to meet the teams who will face off at the national finals!


Students: Gerardo Garcia, Ruby Gutierrez and Claudia Ramirez
Menu: Afro-Caribe Plancha, Soup of Sunshine and Caribbean Crunch Salad

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Students: Brenda Alcocer, Azucena Hernandez and Edna Mendez Rodriguez
Menu: Parmesan herb crusted chicken with creamy pesto spaghetti and a green apple stuffed tomato

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Students: Alexus Baldwin, Leoniqua Jackson and Denver Singletary
Menu: Caribbean-inspired beef rib salad with Moroccan rice and a sweet potato corn bread muffin

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St. Louis

Students: DeShaun Isaiah and LaMore Wise
Menu: Upside-down taco salad, Mexican rice and fruit parfait with vanilla yogurt

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Washington, DC

Students: Jazmine Black, Dominque Mitchell, Victor Rogers
Menu: Chicken with orange rice, veggie stir fry and graham apple crisp

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Students: Corrine Hertz, Hayden Cramer and Isaac Barham
Menu: Pulled chicken BBQ sandwich, baked sweet potato fries and a yogurt-fruit parfait

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Congratulations and good luck to all the student chefs!

Plus: Invite your legislators to lunch!  Tomorrow, the student chefs will take part in a Capitol Hill briefing on the future of school food. A school lunch designed by students will also be served in the House of Representatives cafeteria! Click here to send a letter inviting your legislators to attend the briefing on Capitol Hill, try the student-designed meal in their own cafeteria and support action that would help bring proper kitchen equipment and training to more schools!

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