Featured School Food Memory: Crayon Edition

April 29, 2009 | Written By:

Tomorrow marks the last day of our Fresh Voices for Fresh Choices contest where kids and plenty of grown-ups from around the U.S. have shared their most vivid memories of school food. (Haven’t shared your memory yet? There’s still one day left! Click here to write a few lines or upload a photo!)

We’ve been delighted to hear about the memories, which range from funny to heartwarming to poignant and political.  Some of the most fun entries have been from students, expressing their memories as many kids do: with crayons. Today’s featured entry is one of these, created by third-grader Kyla. The title: “Spaghetti with broccoli in it. . .  It’s just good!” I believe that says it all!


Click here to vote for Kyla's entry or check out the other school food memories!

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