Featured School Food Memory: Terrific Tacos

April 07, 2009 | Written By:

Our Fresh Voices for Fresh Choices contest is still going strong. Because April is National Poetry Month, schools around the country are celebrating the poem — and we're joining in the fun today with this contest entry by Maria Percic:

Terrific Tacos

Taco Day
was the only way,
to get me to buy lunch.

They were yummy,
in my tummy,
so I bought a bunch!

The melted cheese,
the spicy meat,
lettuce crispy and green,
a touch of sauce,
wrapped in a shell;
it was the best food ever seen!

Even now,
I still say WOW!
I love tacos!

You can vote for Maria's entry on the contest website. Don't forget to share your own memory online!

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