Follow-Up: Student Perspective on Making the Change to Healthier School Food

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Today we have a blog by HSC intern Christine Andersen. Christine recently completed her freshman year of high school and will be sharing her perspective on the HSC blog throughout her internship this summer.

Christine’s first post, Student Perspective: Making the Change to Healthier School Food, described the transition to healthier food at her school and the impact it had on students. In today’s post, Christine interviews her friend and classmate Grace. Thanks to Grace for sharing this perspective!

As a follow-up to my blog about the change in my school’s lunch program, I have conducted an interview with my friend Grace, who at first was not the biggest proponent of this change but later had a change in perspective after experiencing the new food. 

C: Going into a new school for fifth grade, what were your expectations about the food?
G:  I definitely thought it would be better than my elementary school and my previous school in Arizona.

C: What did you think about the food served at our new school in fifth grade?
G: The food served at the new school gave me a selection of cooked foods and snacks. I ate this food every day and enjoyed it because I did not know or care much about how bad it was for me.

C: What were your predictions about the new, healthier food that we would be eating in sixth grade?
G:  I actually thought that the food would be worse (whole wheat pizzas!), but it turned out much better than I imagined.

C: Did your views change after you tried the new food? How so?
G: When I first saw the new, healthier foods, my first instinct was “eww” so I avoided it. After a week or so, I knew that I had to eat a proper lunch so I tried the selections and they tasted the same, and sometimes better, than the unhealthy foods.

C: What did you like or dislike about the new food program?
G:  I liked knowing that I was consuming foods that were much healthier than before. I didn't like how the junk food was taken away.

C: Based on what you heard from other peers, what did they think of the change?
G: From what I had heard from my friends, more people liked the new foods than disliked the new foods.

C: Overall, do you think this change was beneficial for the students and the school?
G:  Yes, it was definitely beneficial to everyone. Students were able to try new options which were not only healthier but also better-tasting than greasy pizza every day. Many kids who used to bring lunches started buying!

Plus: Check out Christine's interview with her father Bill, who was instrumental in making the change at her school. 


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