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April 06, 2007 | Written By:

by Tara Kennon, HSC Writer & Publications Coordinator

How can one individual create real change for healthy schools? What can a groundhog teach children about food systems? What are researchers learning about the role of video games in preventing childhood obesity?

Healthy Schools Campaign is launching a redesigned magazine in May 2007, full of news you need to stay up to date on healthy schools and school environments — and it’s all free! Click here to subscribe.

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Healthy Schools magazine will appear twice in 2007 (spring and fall), with a quarterly publishing schedule planned for 2008. Sign up today to ensure delivery of the expanded spring issue, including:

• Interview with celebrity green cleaning activist Deidre Imus

• Reviews of adult and children’s books and the film “Two Angry Moms

• 10 ways to create change for healthy schools, plus a spotlight on parents, nurses, administrators and teachers who are making a difference

We’re already planning the October issue, which will be all about food — on farms, in schools and in our daily lives. Each issue will also include news about HSC’s work and the work of our partner organizations and allies.

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