Students Share Fresh Voices for Food and Fitness

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School is in full swing this fall and more schools are working to promote healthy eating and physical activity with Go for the Gold! With so much action and so many advocates speaking up for school wellness, it's a nice time to remember the voices at the center of this work: the students!

More often than not, children don’t get a say in the health issues that affect them most. Here, we're happy to share ideas from students whose schools were recognized for achieving the HealthierUS School Challenge this year.

Go For The Gold Assembly

On the value of a healthy, active lifestyle:

“You need inspiration to continue your healthy lifestyle and I believe that my school is my inspiration. The reason I say my school is my inspiration is because my school shows me the way of healthy living and exercise. They give us healthy lunch and we exercise in gym which gives us energy to last the rest of the day.”  ~ Star R., Ana Roque de Duprey Elementary School

“I think it’s a good idea to be healthy because you get the chance to live longer. Also you can set a better example for kids and even adults, so you can get them to take interest in being healthy and staying fit.” ~ Anthony W., Ana Roque de Duprey Elementary School

“It is very important to be healthy, but more important to STAY healthy. When you are healthy, usually you live longer.” ~ Melinda H., Jose De Diego Elementary Community Academy

On recess:

“I know a lot of people, especially adults, who do not see recess as an important part of the school day. They see it as a time of not learning. Well, guess what? They are wrong! Recess is a time for kids to work out excess energy and get the brain working. Recess gives us all a chance to take a break from school and socialize, breathe freely and be active.” ~ Evelyn L. of McAuliffe Elementary School


On healthy eating:

“The funny thing is that I never thought healthy food could taste so good.” ~ Jacqueline D., Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

“My school strongly supports healthy eating and good amounts of exercise because it is truly important. Without proper nutrition and exercise our bodies and brains would never be at their best.” ~ Evita S., Rufus M. Hitch Elementary School

On wellness inside and out:

“I feel that having a healthy body will help you to have positive self-esteem. Being unhealthy can hold you back from so many physical and emotional things.” ~ Daniela E., Abraham Lincoln Elementary

“It’s important to stay healthy because it gives you a higher self-esteem, as well as better quality of life.” ~ Sara L., Airforce Academy High School

Go for the Gold supports Chicago public schools in providing health and wellness programs to answer First Lady Michelle Obama’s call for schools to meet the HealthierUS School Challenge. Keep these student voices in mind as we work together for children’s health and wellness in the year ahead!

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To learn more about Go for the Gold, visit the Go for the Gold site or check out blog updates.

Plus! If you're in the Chicago area, you can support Go for the Gold when you shop at Dominick's this month — or can volunteer to help out! Learn how you can make a difference.

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