Friday Morning Recipes: The Lunch That’s Changing the Future of School Food

May 08, 2009 | Written By:

1by Tara Kennon, HSC communications manager

We’ve been talking a lot this week about one amazing school lunch: the one designed by students at Chicago’s Richards Career Academy for our Cooking up Change healthy cooking contest last fall.

This is the meal that the students prepared on Tuesday with White House chef Sam Kass at a briefing in DC, the one that was served in the House of Representatives cafeteria and to more than 40,000 students in cafeterias around the US.

Now, courtesy of Chartwells-Thompson Hospitality and the award-winning culinary students, we’d like to share the tasty, healthy, one-of-a-kind lunch recipes with you!


12 Tortillas (six-inch)                      
12 oz. Light Mozzarella Cheese       
12 oz. Raw Carrots, shredded              
1 ½ Tbsp. Adobo Seasoning
12 oz. Red Kidney Beans

1. Prepare 6 tortillas with 1 ounce of cheese, 1 oz of beans, and 2 tbsp of shredded carrots each.
2. Spray bottom of pan with cooking spray.
3. Place tortillas in pan and top with 6 more tortillas.
4. Turn over when the bottom of the tortilla is brown. Cook the other side of the tortilla until it is brown.
5. Remove from pan and cut each tortilla into 4 pieces.

Serving size: 2 pieces or ½ of quesadilla. Makes 12 portions.

Stuffed Peppers

6 medium Green Peppers, raw              
24 oz. Chicken Dark Meat, raw, no skin
1 Tbsp. Ground Cumin                  
5 cups Brown Rice, cooked
4 cups Water, boiling                      
16 oz. Diced Tomatoes
3 oz. American Cheese, shredded

1. Cook diced chicken, drain and add cumin.
2. Cook rice.
3. Combine 3 cups cooked chicken, 4 cups cooked brown rice, and 1 cup of salsa until well mixed.
4. Prepare peppers by cutting in half lengthwise, removing stems and ribs.
5. Fill each pepper half with 10 ounces of chicken & rice mixture. Place in hotel pan and add enough
    water to cover bottom of pan. Cover with parchment paper and aluminum foil.
6. Bake 35-40 minutes at 350°F.

Serving size: One half pepper, stuffed. Makes 12 portions.

Refrascante salad

2 medium Apples, raw, with skin           
2 medium Oranges, raw
2 Tbsp. Cucumber, raw, peeled, chopped       
1 Tbsp. Onions, raw
1 Tbsp. Cilantro, raw                   
1/8 Tsp. Table Salt
1/8 Tsp. Black Pepper               
2 oz. Orange Juice

1. Dice apple into medium pieces.
2. Peel orange and cucumber, and dice into medium pieces.
3. Dice onion into small pieces and chop cilantro. .
4. Combine all ingredients and add salt and pepper to taste.

Serving size: 4 oz. Makes 4 portions.



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