Healthy Lunch on the Go: Salad in a Jar

August 17, 2012 | Written By:

by Lana Buseman

I love being able to pack a salad for lunch or a picnic — however, I do not love the soggy lettuce and limp vegetables that I often find after the salad has been sitting for a while. I came across this great way to store a salad that can be made in advance and kept fresh and crisp until you are ready to dig in.

Salad in a JarIngredients

  • 1 clean tomato sauce jar
  • Your favorite salad ingredients


The key to making this storage system work is to pour your dressing in first. Create a small layer of dressing at the bottom of the jar.

Next, layer a very hearty vegetable on top of the dressing. I used mushrooms, but other good options would be carrots or sliced bell peppers.

Continue to add your ingredients in layers, leaving the lettuce for the top.

When you are ready to eat, just empty your jar into a large bowl or a plate — all your ingredients (including still-crispy lettuce) will pour out in the order you need!

Enjoy your healthy lunch or picnic!

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