Go for the Gold Resource Spotlight: Purple Asparagus

September 15, 2010 | Written By:

by Rosa Ramirez, Go for the Gold Campaign Manager


Dedicated to bringing families back to the table by promoting and enjoying all the things associated with good eating, the nonprofit Purple Asparagus is a key partner in the Go for the Gold campaign.  Since 2005, Purple Asparagus has worked with a range of organizations on programs that focus on healthy eating for children and their families.

Now, Purple Asparagus is lending its nutrition education expertise to Chicago area chefs who are preparing for the Oct. 4 Chef in the Classroom Day, a program that connects chefs with Chicago public schools. Through the program, chefs will visit an elementary classroom to share fun lessons on healthy eating. Purple Asparagus is helping the chefs, who are already stars in the kitchen, gear up to shine in the classroom as well.

Purple Asparagus founding president Melissa Graham explains that the organization helps strengthen family and community ties, supports farmers and producers, fosters respect for the earth and the diversity of cultures all over it, and passes on important traditions to the next generation.

Throughout the school year, Purple Asparagus offers a popular and well-received series of Healthy Snacks Workshops. In the workshops schoolchildren learn good eating habits and how to make simple, healthy snacks and meals. Purple Asparagus is planning to expand to additional schools in the 2010-11 school year and is actively seeking new volunteers and schools.  To learn more or get involved, click here.   

Purple Asparagus also convenes a coalition of child nutrition and school food advocates called Growing Healthy Kids. The coalition makes possible collaborative efforts to improve the health of Chicago's children such as creating health fairs open to parents, teachers, and administrators. 

To learn more about Purple Asparagus, click here.

Have kids at your school participated in an innovative nutrition education program? We’d love to hear about what’s working for you!

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