Green Clean Schools Act Sails Through Illinois House

March 22, 2007 | Written By:

by Mark Bishop, HSC Deputy Director

The Illinois House Wednesday passed the Green Clean Schools Act (HB0895), bringing it closer to becoming state law. The act is a major part of HSC’s legislative agenda this year, and it’s good to see it move ahead. Check out our press release for more information.

School nurses, educators, and cleaning professionals across the state contacted their representatives to ask them to support this bill. We know of a number of personal phone calls that directly led to a representative signing on in support of the act. Our voices are being heard. Many thanks to the individuals who made phone calls and to the diverse coalition of allies that truly drove the support on this issue.

The act also benefited from the support of Rep. Karen May (D-Highwood), who we thank for her strong leadership on green cleaning.

We’re working with Senate leaders to introduce the bill, and it will be exciting to continue working with our allies to let our state senators know about the benefits of green cleaning in schools and the importance of this legislation.

Want more information on the Green Clean Schools Act? Visit our website for legislative updates along with facts on why green cleaning matters and what you can do to support green cleaning in schools.

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