Healthy Ideas for Your Cupid Classroom Celebration

February 13, 2012 | Written By:

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for a healthy classroom celebration. Students can be social and share how much they care about their peers, teachers, and family. These celebrations can be extra sweet when teachers provide healthy ways to celebrate!

Heart health

Classroom celebrations focused on candy and cake can counter school wellness efforts to promote healthy eating. Help Cupid aim for children’s health this year by focusing on fun activities instead of unhealthy snacks for Valentine celebrations.

Did you know that chocolate candies can range from 170 to 230 calories? Fit Sugar shares calorie content for some popular holiday sweets. (A serving of chocolate “kisses” has 230 calories!)

One fun option is to encourage students to try heart-healthy foods at a festive tasting party. Nutrient-rich — and naturally red! — fruits such as pomegranate, strawberries, and cherries which are full of vitamins and good for your heart. You can also use the opportunity to discuss healthy eating habits.

In-classroom celebrations don’t have to be centered on food. Try some of these other fun and festive ideas!

Get Crafty: Encouraging students to make Valentine’s Day cards. As a bonus, you can share the cards with families or with seniors in your community!

Get Moving: Turn on some tunes and encourage students to show off their best moves!

Get Gifts: Instead of snacks, share small treats such as school supplies and toys.


Teachers, how are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with you students in a healthy way?

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