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Healthy Schools Campaign is pleased to announce Heroes for Healthy Schools: Coming together for student wellness and achievement, a series that HSC presented last week with Chicago Public Schools and the Office of Minority Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to recognize Minority Health Month and highlight the role everyone can play in ensuring that all children are able to succeed in school and live healthy lives.

An especially fun part of the week were the after-school running events hosted by Chicago Run, a local non-profit that helps schools provide more opportunities for physical activity.  Today, we are thrilled to spotlight Chicago Run and the great work they do throughout the year!

To read more about Heroes for Healthy Schools week, visit www.healthyschoolscampaign.org/healthheroes

Students participating in a Chicago Run program

When Chicago Public Schools and Healthy Schools Campaign announced the Go for the Gold campaign to help Chicago schools meet the high standards for food, fitness and nutrition education set by the HealthierUS School Challenge — the program First Lady Michelle Obama is urging schools to take on — Chicago Run was one of the first groups to get involved.

Alicia Gonzalez, executive director of Chicago Run, explains her readiness to join the Go for the Gold team: “The better we establish our relationships with our schools –- teachers, principals, and school staff –- the greater the impetus to improve the health of our kids. I see [Go for the Gold] as doing just that.”

Actively involved in schools throughout the under-served areas in the south, west, and north sides of Chicago, Chicago Run's programming is a great asset for schools looking to supplement physical education and increase physical activity.

Since 2008, Chicago Run has helped kids achieve fitness and have fun, 15 minutes at a time. In one of several programs it offers, Chicago Runs organizes a safe, appropriate running course on the school grounds, so students can run during recess, the lunch hour or a designated “fitness break.” The incentive-based running program also promotes digital learning through its virtual marathon database that highlights historic landmarks, nutrition, and geographical points of interest — all of which are aligned with Illinois Learning Standards.

During Heroes for Healthy Schools week, Chicago Run offered great after-school running events to get even more kids involved!


Kudos to Chicago Run for their excellent work promoting physical activity this week and throughout the year! 

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