HSC Announces First-Ever Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit

February 20, 2015 | Written By:

This summer, we will be hosting green cleaning leaders from schools across the country at a two-day summit in Seattle, WA.

Every year, as we review the applicants to the Green Cleaning Award, we’re blown away by the innovative things schools are doing with their green cleaning programs. And so we started wondering what it would be like if we could get leaders from these schools together in one place to discuss their efforts, tackle common challenges and envision the future of green cleaning. That’s when we came up with the idea to host the Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit.

This summer, Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) will host the first annual Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit on July 30 and 31 in Seattle, WA. We are inviting the top facility managers, school decision makers, green cleaning experts and vendors from across the nation. We’ll have the leading voices in green cleaning there, such as Steve Ashkin, founder and CEO of Sustainability Dashboard Tools & The Ashkin Group, and Rachel Gutter, senior vice president of knowledge at the U.S. Green Building Council and Director of the Center for Green Schools. They’ll be talking about emerging issues in green cleaning, workforce engagement and training, green floor care and infection control, and looking to the future of green cleaning in schools, too.

The conference will feature a behind-the-scenes tour of three-time Green Cleaning Award Grand winner University of Washington’s program. Attendees will also have unlimited access to the Green Clean Schools Leadership Council. The Leadership Council includes leading school facility directors who head cleaning programs that have won the Green Cleaning Award for Schools and Universities. These passionate people are dedicated to promoting more sustainable cleaning practices through product evaluation, peer mentoring and continual improvement of their own programs.

As green cleaning in schools gains support across the country, we think it’s about time for leaders in the field to come together. This summit will be a comfortable place for those leaders to connect, share their knowledge and grow their programs. We can hardly wait to see what unfolds!

Registration is open to all school facility operators. But space is limited. If you’re interested in attending the Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit, register here.

If you are a company interested in sponsoring the Summit, contact Sara@healthyschoolscampaign.org for more information.

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