NonProfit Times Spotlights HSC’s Corporate Partnerships

June 22, 2009

We were excited to see HSC featured in the most recent edition of the The NonProfit Times!

The article describes HSC's commitment to building coalitions with for-profit companies in order to advance advocacy goals, and spotlights HSC's work engaging corporate partners in successful advocacy for Illinois' Green Clean Schools Act in 2007. As HSC deputy director Mark Bishop explains in the article:

“If I can bring my corporate partners down there [to the state Capitol] and make sure their voices are heard, where we have this intersection of interest, it became a really powerful message to have corporations, health advocates, environmental advocates, education advocates all walking arm in arm.”

In particular, the article praised HSC's strategy of enlisting corporate support for legislative efforts; at a time when fewer dollars exist for traditional types of corporate sponsorship, these collaborations offer other ways for corporations to help non-profits.

As Mark Bishop explains in the story:

“It becomes really important to keep open dialogue and not demonize your opposition because your opposition today is going to be your supporter tomorrow. . . . And we have to realize that the issues that we work on are extraordinarily complex and realize that there are a lot of paths toward success.”

Thanks to The NonProfit Times for highlighting this work!