Illinois School’s IAQ Program Praised by EPA

June 24, 2009 | Written By:

Healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) is no accident in the Belleville Township High School District in Belleville, Illinois. In fact, it's a priority. Using the EPA's IAQ Tools for Schools as a guide, the district partnered with a firm that specializes in environmental management in order to design and manage an IAQ program. Then Belleville administrators created a plan to ensure that the program was working — and that it would continue to work in a sustainable way. Superintendent Greg Moats and the Belleville IAQ team also earned broad support from across the school community in order to make this program a success. 

Belleville Superintendent Moats says: “We believe it is imperative for our schools to provide the best climate possible for our 5,000 students and 400 employees. The IAQ Tools for Schools Program is helping us do that very thing.”

This month, the Belleville Township High School District was singled out in a national EPA newsletter [PDF] for its leadership and dedication to IAQ.

Congratulations to Belleville and to all the schools making good IAQ a priority!

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