Lemon Zest and Dill Sea Salt with Popcorn

February 17, 2012 | Written By:

By Lana Buseman

This recipe is a simple but delicious and healthy way to spice up ordinary popcorn—perfect for an after-school snack!

Popcorn is one of my favorite munchies, but so often you find it drowned in butter and salt and any sort of nutritional value gets overshadowed. In reality, air-popped popcorn is a great source of fiber with very little fat and few calories. When I make popcorn and it needs a burst of flavor, I like to add some homemade lemon zest and dill sea salt. 

Popcorn with Lemon Zest and Dill Sea SaltWhen I am looking for a bright burst of flavor the first place I go is a citrus zest. The juice of a lemon or a lime can add citrusy flavor, but I have found that the zest lends a more aromatic burst of flavor than the acidic flavor you get with the juice. Whenever you are marinating something with lemon or lime juice, add a bit of the zest to the marinade and you will really see a difference in the citrus flavor you get out of it!

Photo credit: Lana Buseman

Next I like to pick an herb or a spice. Herbs can really lend a lot of great flavor to whatever you’re cooking without adding fat and calories. I really love the flavor combination of lemon and dill and it goes so perfectly with popcorn. Dill is also known to be a source of calcium. Combine equal parts lemon zest and dill with two parts sea salt and mix. I like to use sea salt because you don’t need as much to get that same savory flavor. 

Sprinkle this salt mixture over freshly popped popcorn for a healthy snack that doesn’t skimp on the flavor!

For variations on this salt recipe, try sea salt with cocoa powder and orange zest or sea salt with cumin and lime zest! 

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