New York Times Spotlights Momentum & Opportunity for Healthy School Lunches (And Quotes HSC’s Rochel

August 19, 2009 | Written By:

We were excited this morning at HSC to see founding executive director Rochelle Davis quoted in a great New York Times story, “Stars Are Aligning Over School Lunch Programs” about the movement toward healthier school lunches.

In the article, Kim Severson describes “larger changes happening in public school cafeterias” and discusses the ways that ideas once considered fringe — such as serving fresh vegetables and cooking from scratch in school kitchens — are now front-and-center, thanks in large part to support from key players, including the Obamas. Severson writes:

Rochelle Davis, who founded the Healthy Schools Campaign in Chicago almost eight years ago, said having support from the White House has made her work easier.

“This is not a nice little niche issue anymore,” she said. “When I talk to people at U.S.D.A., they talk about what the president and first lady want. It matters.”

We admit: it’s cool to see HSC in The New York Times. What’s even more exciting is the extra bit of buzz over momentum for the healthy school lunch movement. The opportunity presented by the upcoming reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act, President Obama’s support, and a growing awareness of school food issues is remarkable. As Severson describes:

For the first time since a new wave of school food reform efforts began
a decade ago, once-warring camps are sharing strategies to improve what
kids eat. . .

“The window’s open,” said Kathleen Merrigan, the deputy secretary of
agriculture. “We are in the zone when a whole lot of exciting ideas are
being put on the table. I have been working in the field of sustainable
agriculture and nutrition all my professional life, and I really have
never seen such opportunity before.”

Read the full article, Stars Are Aligning Over School Lunch Programs. And share it with a friend!


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