Spotlight on Parent Wellness Leader Lettie Hudson

June 20, 2011 | Written By:

by Brittany Wright

At the Parents United for Health Schools parent summit last month, we met several phenomenal people who are passionate about health and wellness in the schools. Lettie Hudson is an eight-year parent volunteer at Barton Elementary, which was recognized at the summit for its outstanding new school wellness team.

Ms. Hudson added her thoughts on the breakfast in the classroom program that recently came to Barton. “It’s been well received with the students,” she said. “My son wants to make sure that he’s on time every day so that he can get this breakfast. Breakfast is important to get children started, to give them energy to run around.

Thanks to Ms. Hudson for sharing her insight as a parent advocate!

How does the wellness team work at your school? How do parents work with the school to promote wellness?

The parents work in conjunction with the local school council and the administration to implement new programs. Fitness and wellness are major concerns here. They also brought back recess. The kids also enjoy healthy lunches, in addition to the breakfasts.

How would you encourage other parents to get involved?

I encourage other parents by inviting them to local school council meetings. Just in general, talking to friends and networking, trying to make improvements for the benefit of our children.

As a parent, how do you bring health and wellness initiatives and nutrition education into your home?

Well, I work out every day. I recently made the decision to eliminate a lot of foods that I knew were bad for me and incorporated healthier choices into my home.

Why is Parents United for Healthy Schools important to you?

It’s important to me most of all because I have a son who will be ten years old in June. It’s good that I start him off with healthy choices and show him how to select foods that are good for him. That way he has a better chance of not getting things that are hereditary in my family: diabetes, high blood pressure and those type of things.

Kudos to Ms. Hudson for making health and wellness a priority at home and at school!

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