Parent Wellness Leader Lilliana Hernandez Promotes Fitness at Parent Summit

May 31, 2011 | Written By:

Healthy Schools Campaign sat down with Lilliana Hernandez, a parent wellness leader from Eli Whitney School. For five years, she has championed fitness and promoted exercise. In fact, she even led the mini aerobics session during the Parents United for Healthy School parent summit earlier this month!

Wellness team

She describes the biggest obstacle in promoting health initiatives was building relationships. She overcame this obstacle by working with fellow parents, who she describes as the “the strength” of the wellness teams. 

How do you motivate the parents to get involved with Parents United?

I make calls; I go out and bring them in. I try to explain why wellness is important as it relates to the children. 

What difference has nutrition education made in your home?

The biggest difference is that we all know how to eat well and be well. I’m teaching my family that having a better life through healthy foods and active lifestyles will make them better learners. I also see differences in their self esteem and how they carry themselves.


We are so grateful to Lilliana Hernandez for sharing her perspective on an active lifestyle and Parents United for Healthy Schools! 

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