PE Teachers Become Champions for Wellness, Learn from First Family’s Fitness Trainer Cornell McClell

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Cornell McClellan, Personal Trainer to the First Family of United States, with students from McAuliffe School. McClellan will lead a session at today's Champions for Wellness training for PE teachers.

Physical education teachers from across Chicago are gathering today at a special professional development training to develop leadership skills for supporting healthy eating and physical activity at school. Through this training, PE teachers will be equipped to champion a culture of wellness in school, working with principals and other teachers to make healthy eating and physical activity a priority.

In particular, PE teachers will hear about the latest research connecting physical activity with academic success and the important role that wellness plays in learning.

“Helping students to reach the recommended sixty minutes of physical activity per day enables children to achieve cognitive as well as physical, emotional, and social health,” said Chicago State University associate professor Dr. Sarah Buck, who will speak at the event.

Teachers will get resources and learn how their schools can become part of Chicago's Go for the Gold campaign, a city-wide effort to support schools in meeting the HealthierUS School Challenge, the program that first Lady Michelle Obama is urging schools to take on.

Cornell McClellan, personal trainer to the First Family of United States of America and Member of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition, will lead PE teachers in a workout and will announce the launch of Chicago’s Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) Challenge.

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