Physical Activity Break: Wellness and Fun with the Metamorphosis Game!

March 16, 2012 | Written By:

Physical activity breaks boost student wellness and can provide a fun break during a sedentary day. The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPHERD) notes that a 10-minute physical activity session results in improved fitness and health for students!

At a recent Fit to Learn session, teachers learned about different types of physical activity breaks — including the fun, active metamorphosis game that we’ll spotlight today. This game offers a good way to teach students about life cycles. The game includes four stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis (cocoon), and butterfly. 

In this game, students act out each transformation: 

  1. Everyone starts off as an egg and crouches down
  2. Each student plays rock-paper-scissors with another student who is in the same stage. The winner progresses to the next stage! The student who does not win goes back a stage. Both students find another person in their stage to continue moving through the series
  3. In the caterpillar stage, each student inches along the floor in a modified bear crawl
  4. In the chrysalis stage, each student spins around with arms crossed across their chest 
  5. In the butterfly stage, each student flies (slowly) with their “wings” outstretched 
  6. After reaching the butterfly stage, each student becomes an egg again so the game can keep going 


Fit to Learn teachers learn how to play the metamorphosis game

The metamorphosis game is a great way for students to socialize with each other and get active. Additionally, the game incorporates matching and allows students to creatively interpret each stage of a butterfly’s life. Fit to Learn facilitator Amy Christiansen notes that the game allows you to use your imagination as some teachers have substituted dinosaurs and superheroes instead of butterflies!

Studies continue to show that activity increases recall and focus. Try this fun activity break to boost learning in your classroom! 

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