Pizza Pizza! (And Of Course, More Veggies!)

March 18, 2011 | Written By:

By Mark Bishop, Vice President of Policy & Communications

Lately my son Henry has been a little light on his veggie consumption.  And to my chagrin, when eating pizza he’s been going for the plain cheese variety. To take on both of these, we decided to get our hands a little messy.

We had dinner with friends and turned the evening into a little pizza party: a homemade whole-wheat crust, followed by kids assembling their own pizza full of veggies of their choice. It was a blast, and Henry chowed on the veggie pizza.


Your pizza party can be easy. Use your favorite dough recipe, or purchase it ready made from your grocery store. As for sauce, you can make it at home or purchase some tomato sauce in a jar. And as for the veggies, keep them fresh, make the colorful, and make it fun. Next time I think I’ll include pineapple for a kid-friendly treat.


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