Schools Show New Focus on Wellness in NW Indiana

September 09, 2009 | Written By:

By Cynthia San Miguel, HSC Intern


HSC is excited to see our neighbors in Northwest, Ind. making changes in wellness and environmental health in schools, two areas where HSC focuses our work. Lake Central School, located in St. John, Ind. will be exploring new avenues for wellness, according to an article The Times of NW Indiana.

“Developmentally, we know play and exercise is good for primary students,” Superintendent Gerald Chabot said. The article goes on to explain:

There are 15 wellness goals that focus on such things as
nutrition, exercise and fitness at all grade levels.

The district also is installing at the high school an
ultraviolet water purification system that helps to disinfect the
water nonchemically.

The wellness plans include a wide range of tactics: a breakfast program is planned for the high school; vending machines will be stocked with healthier options; and 20-ounce beverages will be replaced with 16-ounce beverages.

Students will also benefit from the non-chlorine water purification, as chlorine can react with organisms in the water to create a compound that causes skin and eye irritations.

As a Lake Central alum, I remember smelling like chlorine after pool class. I’m sure the students will appreciate all the new and healthier changes! 

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