Special Guest Blog & Video: Parents Team Up to Win Back Recess

December 01, 2010 | Written By:

Today we're featuring a special guest blog from our friends at 1WORLD Sports, who are spreading the word about the value of recess. Recently 1WORLD Sports and HSC teamed up to train parents in becoming recess monitors, a step towards making recess a happy, healthy part of children's lives on a daily basis.

By Lindsay Segenreich, 1World Sports

Sixty-three percent of Chicago Public Schools don't have access to recess. Can you imagine being nine years old and having to hold in all of your energy for almost seven hours a day? Our kids are learning to contain all of their energy at a time when childhood obesity is on the rise. This is a major problem! 1WORLD Sports and HSC recently teamed up with concerned parents in Chicago in an effort to “Win Back Recess.”

We at 1WORLD Sports value the lessons that can be learned through sport and consistent physical activity.  By providing our kids the opportunity to participate in sports, we are empowering them to learn life lessons such as teamwork, setting goals, the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how to have fun while engaging in healthy competition.  Without recess, our kids lose momentum and motivation to utilize their energy and may lose interest in playing sports.

Earlier this fall, parents from Chicago Public Schools took a stand by learning how to bring recess back to their schools and volunteer as recess monitors. Watch as 1WORLD Sports and HSC team up with parent volunteers to win back recess!

Winning Back Recess from 1World Sports on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jennifer for this video and blog!

Plus: Learn more about Parents United for Healthy Schools/Padres Unidos para Escuelas Saludable, which brings parents together to make recess part of every school day.

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