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September 13, 2010 | Written By:

By Maya Noronha, HSC Intern


We asked teachers to submit ideas on how to incorporate health education into the classroom, and we're thrilled to see the responses! We know that sometimes it's challenging to fit all of the traditional subjects into each school day, but these creative ideas help make lessons about food and fitness a seamless part of the classroom experience. Some also address state standards for various subject areas.

  • Alyse Ruggiero from Evanston, Ill. uses popular music to get her students up and moving. Whenever they are drifting off into la la land, she takes a “brain break.” She and her fourth graders watch R. Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest” music video while doing stretches and exercises. As an added bonus, she said, the lyrics to the song are inspiring and positive. Sometimes, she will print off the lyrics to the song and use it as a descriptive language lesson in writing. Very versatile activity!
  • Artien Kuiper from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia helps bring the family into her healthy classroom with her Delicious Nutritious program. One child is selected every week to bring a healthy snack to share with the class. The student writes down ingredients and directions, then teaches the class why the snack is good for their health. Recipes are compiled in a folder that Artien turns into a healthy recipe snack book to share with parents. Involving students’ families helps ensure that the healthy habits will stick with students.
  • Leslie O’Keefe, from Rochester, N.Y., teaches at a school which uses the Healthy Highway program. This program involves the whole school, including the nurse, PE teacher and cafeteria manager. Health is integrated into classroom projects such as: “food patrol” where students survey staff/students and put together a graph; “food detectives” where students research each food group and design informational posters; “chefs” in which students create and serve a healthy snack recipe, and much more. This school is seeing great results; students are actually requesting salad over French fries in the cafeteria! (The Healthy Highway program will be raffled off at a session of our upcoming teacher training program in Chicago! To learn more about how you can get involved, please contact Donna Fishman.)

Please join us in making school wellness a priority in the classroom:

Thanks to Alyse, Artien, Leslie and all who have submitted to our contest so far!

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