Teachers, Share Your Ideas: How Do You Bring Wellness to Your Classroom?

August 24, 2010 | Written By:

Win prizes and be part of the national movement for kids' health!

In classrooms across the country, teachers are making a
difference for kids’ health. Healthy Schools Campaign is gathering
innovative strategies, fun ideas and practical tips to help teachers
create a culture of wellness in their classrooms. But to do this, we
need your help!


Share your ideas.

Do you have a favorite book you read to your class
that includes messages about food and fitness? Have you found a few
minutes during the day to lead students in a physical activity break? Do
your students have class parties and celebrations that focus on
fruit or games rather than junk food? Please take a moment to share your
ideas and experiences!

We’re seeking ideas for
activities that other teachers can use in classrooms ranging from
Kindergarten through eighth grade. We’re looking for your own creative
ideas that don’t require the purchase of costly curricula or copyrighted
materials. If your ideas align with learning standards in your state,
even better!

Be part of the movement.

Across the nation, from the White House to the school
yard, we’re seeing a movement to help kids live healthy lives. By
sharing your ideas and tips for promoting wellness at school, you’ll
provide invaluable guidance to other teachers and be a leader in the
effort to transform the school experience into one that promotes health.
Your ideas will be shared by Healthy Schools Campaign and you will be
recognized for your contributions.

Win prizes.

When you share your idea, you’ll be entered in a raffle to win fabulous prizes for your classroom and school. Prizes include :

  • Complete prize package from The OrganWise Guys, including OrganWise Guy or Gal, educational video shorts, and the Wisercize supplemental classroom lesson program. Valued at $279.
  • Skillastics activity kits that combine learning with fun physical activity, created by renowned basketball player and educator Sandy Slade. Valued at $210.
  • Classroom wellness packages from School Health Corp. filled with stickers, games, activity sets and more. Valued at $50.

Winners will be notified by email by Sept. 20, 2010.

Earn recognition.

Healthy Schools Campaign will gather ideas to share
with teachers nationwide and feature in our publications. If your idea
is used, you will be recognized in Healthy Schools Campaign’s
communications and in any published materials that include your ideas.

Enter today!

Click here to visit HSC's website and share your ideas.


Tell a friend!

Do you know teachers with fantastic ideas for making wellness part of the classroom? Please let them know about this contest. We appreciate your help!


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