This Bathroom Sure Looks Clean, But …

January 15, 2007

by Claris Olson, HSC Environmental Health Specialist

Did you know that a chemical compound found in many deodorizing products like toilet and urinal blocks can affect your lung capacity? Research from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences showed that 1,4 dichclorobenzene (1,4-DCB), a chemical compound found in moth balls, many air fresheners, and other deodorizing products may be harmful to the lungs. 1,4-DCB is a solid white compound that smells similar to mothballs. It changes from a solid to a vapor when exposed to air.

Even a low level exposure to these products could be problematic for anyone with a respiratory disease, especially for children with asthma. Clearly in a school setting, the best way to protect children is to eliminate the use of products containing this material.