Through Your Lens Student Photo Spotlight: “A Normal Classroom at Douglass”

February 18, 2010 | Written By:

In honor of the Through Your Lens
book release, HSC is proud to spotlight student and teacher photos of
the school buildings where they learn and work every day. Over the next
several weeks, we'll spotlight different images and stories from the
book and exhibit. You can view or download the full book at

A Normal Classroom at Douglass

By: Dominic

from Baltimore


“The historic Frederick Douglass High School has seen its ups and its downs during the hundred years it has served its predominantly African- American Baltimore students. Right now Frederick Douglass is experiencing a renaissance with enthusiastic teachers and students who are excited to learn. However, the outdated facilities are an obstacle to learning. Every time it rains, this basement classroom will flood, adding to existing water damage from a fire three years ago.”

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