Today: Urge President Obama to Support Federal Investment in School Facilities

January 25, 2011 | Written By:

Photo of school submitted in 2009-10 Through Your Lens contest

Today, President Obama will address Congress and the nation in the State of the Union address; the weeks that follow will bring much discussion of budget and legislative priorities for the year ahead. This is a key opportunity to urge President Obama to make federal investment in school facilities a priority.The president's administration has indicated interest in highlighting this important investment; now, we urge you to contact the president and your members of Congress to express support for federal investment in school facilities that support health and learning for all students.

The Through Your Lens contest and exhibit that HSC presents with the 21st Century School Fund and Critical Exposure offers a rarely-seen window into the reality of our nation's school building conditions. It also includes a simple way to take action. We urge you to view the images submitted by students and teachers across the nation, then send a letter to President Obama in support of safe, healthy school buildings.


From the letter:

All students and teachers have the right to adequate, appropriate learning conditions that will allow them to strive for and achieve the goals being set for them. No single level of government can accomplish this alone. We must create a new federal, state, and local partnership to ensure that each and every community has sufficient resources to provide high-quality school buildings to their students. Since quality education requires quality spaces, school buildings must be part of the federal government’s education investment.

Thank you for taking action!

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