Twenty Tweets for Healthy Schools!

April 06, 2010 | Written By:

Healthy school food, green cleaning, sustainable schools, social
justice: we love to keep up with the latest news and conversations about
healthy schools issues on Twitter. Here are just a few of our favorite
tweets from the past few days, with links to blogs, articles and
conversations. Enjoy! 

Students talk healthy food after a healthy lunch with Senator Durbin

obesity and learning: Making the connection to social justice –

bunny on this year's White House Easter Egg Roll logo is so . . .
athletic! Hooray for Let's Move!

couldn't agree more | Seven Reasons Why the Time is Ripe for School
Lunch Reform

$ is at risk everywhere. All the more need for more $ for school food |
Local Districts Cutting Teachers

Dear Representative, I want you to help our school serve
healthy food for lunch…

Great article | RT @chefannc
'Food Revolution': A School Lunch Expert Reacts – Food – The Atlantic:

is interesting – city giving magazine to all schools that teaches
healthy eating and fun with cooking.
#obesity12:25 PM

Right on Jan! | Making Your Voice Heard on School Food #foodrevolution

can't stand these! @fedupwithlunch
Lunchables: The Other School Lunch: “Mom, can I have that? Pleeeese…

3 IL
school districts saving money with wind power! #greenschools

article… RT @leezukor BPA:
not yet banned, instead it's canned. tips for keeping it safe:

is back! | New study says a high-fat breakfast could be a healthy

Has the concept of a neighborhood school outlived
its years? Are walking and biking to school a thing of the past?

RT @classroomearth
Watch Lisa Jackson's National Environmental Education Week Public
Service Announcement

@tomphilpott: Latest post:
USDA food pyramid vs. reality

We know but, important to see that research agrees ->
Healthy Kids are Better Learners

the land down under… Parents fume as school kids get sick from

often unseen but never unappreciated school custodian… Keeping schools
healthy and clean! A hearty thanks to all!

CT Governor
announces $250,000 in funding to replace PCB laced caulking in schools

this! RT @CMeNewsDaily
Custodian's book teaches life lessons to children

Duncan at #CookingupChange
briefing in DC: “Now is the time to act” –

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