Walk Across Illinois: Promoting Healthier Students, Healthier Schools

August 17, 2010 | Written By:

HSC believes that physical activity in schools helps students to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. Today we have a special guest blog from our friends at the Active Transportation Alliance, about the organization's Walk Across Illinois Fitness Program.

As concerns over childhood obesity and diabetes continue to mount, it is more important than ever for students to make physical activity a part of their daily lives. Schools across Illinois are creating healthy environments and encouraging students to be physically active through programs offered by Walk Across Illinois. Schools and programs can join children of all abilities who are gaining a sense of belonging through fun and free standards-based curricular activities.

The Walk Across Illinois School Fitness Program provides third- to sixth-grade students with engaging interdisciplinary, standards-based programming that increases physical activity in school and at home. Participating students are motivated through classroom and/or P.E. lessons to meet weekly physical activity goals through unique, grade-specific virtual walks, which bring students to destinations across the state.

The Afterschool Challenge program contains 40 pairs of lessons, one part brain and one part body, geared toward elementary students at any afterschool program facility. The program combines character building, physical activity and literacy instruction in a safe, supportive environment.

All Walk Across Illinois programs include program materials, teacher training (with professional development credits), physical activity tracking tools and ongoing professional support, completely free of charge.

Join us by visiting www.walkacrossillinois.org today!

To learn more about other ways to integrate wellness into schools, click here for information on HSC's work to promote healthy, active lifestyles in schools. Special thanks to the Active Transportation Alliance for contributing a great post!

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