What Do Healthy Schools Mean to You?

January 23, 2012 | Written By:

Recently, Parents United for Healthy Schools/Padres Unidos para Escuela Saludables hosted its sixth Principals’ Breakfast to celebrate the collaborative achievements of parents and principals working together to create healthy schools through wellness. Healthy Schools Campaign created the parent-led group to bring together parents and community advocates with the shared goal of promoting school wellness.

At this celebration, we asked several parents to share their definition of a healthy school environment. Check out the video below to hear what these dedicated parent leaders had to say.

They pointed out what every child deserves: an environment where they can learn healthy habits, are provided with healthy school food and exercise, and connect with resources to share with their families.

Thanks to all of the parents who shared their voices.

What do healthy schools mean to you?

Follow the Parents United updates on our blog to learn more about their school wellness efforts.

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