What Most People Don’t Know About School Nurses Is. . .

September 01, 2011 | Written By:

Here at HSC, we love working with school nurses! Through our School Nurse Leadership Training and school nurse advocacy efforts, we've met school nurses who are remarkable champions for wellness in their schools and advocates for health at the local, state and national levels.

We know that school nursing today is about so much more than the “Band-Aids and asprin” image of the profession that nurses say they still encounter. But what else do school nurses wish we knew? We took the opportunity to chat with school nurses at our recent leadership training in suburban Cook County and loved the insight the school nurses shared. Check out the video below and then . . . go find out more from your school nurse!

Thanks to all the school nurses who shared their perspectives!

For more spotlights on school nurses, check out our school nurse updates on the blog. And school nurses, be sure to sign up for our school nurse newsletter.

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