Diversifying and Expanding the School Health Pipeline

Diversifying and Expanding the School Health Pipeline

Schools have “a unique ability to create and build the pipeline that all of these school diversification efforts want to take advantage of.”
— Kimá Joy Taylor

Healthy Schools Campaign widely recognizes the value of a diversified school health workforce to meet student needs and promote their well-being. The videos and resources in this section are designed to increase school stakeholder awareness and encourage future policy and practice actions at national, state and local levels.

In the videos below, Kimá Joy Taylor, M.D., MPH, an expert on health policy, public health and racial disparities, and Jessie Mandle, HSC national program director, discuss diversifying and expanding the school health pipeline. They highlight why a diversified workforce and equity are important, the roles of schools and partners, and the resources and supports needed to advance this work.

Plus: View a related slide series summarizing key themes from conversations with Kimá Joy Taylor.




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This section features workforce diversification resources relevant to enhancing the school health pipeline divided into three sections: school mental & behavioral health; healthcare; and other school diversification efforts & lessons learned
Many of these resources suggest strategies and promising practices that school stakeholders could apply to this work.

School Mental & Behavioral Health 


Other School Diversification Efforts & Lessons Learned

View select federal and state policy opportunities that Healthy Schools Campaign and partners identified to consider in addressing school health workforce needs.

  • Statement for the Record: Protecting Youth Mental Health
    Healthy Schools Campaign
    In 2022, HSC submitted policy recommendations to the Senate Finance Committee hearing on Protecting Youth Mental Health: Part II – Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Care. The remarks include solutions for addressing workforce shortages of school health providers, particularly behavioral health providers.
  • State Policy Opportunities: Advancing Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems to Support Students
    Healthy Schools Campaign and Mental Health America
    This report identifies policy opportunities along three system-building stages (establishing infrastructure and priorities, building structure and scale and promoting effective implementation) for states in addressing student mental health needs. Many of the recommendations, state examples and resources apply to expanding and diversifying the school health workforce.

View examples of state policy and practice efforts relevant to enhancing the school health pipeline.

View select federal programs and agency news releases applicable to funding that can support expanding and diversifying the school health workforce. This document is periodically reviewed and updated.