Schools Need Federal Guidelines + Investment to Reopen

Schools are critical centers of support—providing healthy food, health services, emotional support and community connection, not to mention education. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed just how crucial our education system is to students, parents and society as a whole. There will be no full economic recovery if our education system can’t reopen.

Let’s be clear: We want schools to be open. We want children to be able to have healthy meals and get needed healthcare and continue their education. But we don’t want students and school staff to be in schools that endanger their health and the health of their families.

And schools cannot reopen safely without strong federal guidelines and significant federal investment.

We call on the administration to take this threat to our nation’s education system seriously and make the investment our schools and children need. We ask that you join us and raise your voice to ensure the health and wellness of students now—and in the future.

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